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March 2, 2009Dobrin Enters Hall Of Fame
dobrin_4129 Michael Dobrin, a former National Dragster staffer and advance man for Dick Landy's 1966-67 Dodge Performance Clinics, joins just 61 other members of an elite Hall Of Fame honoring builders of hot rods, customs and motorcycles. The class of 2009 further included customizer Jimmie Vaughan (yes, the famed guitarist) and photographer-publisher Steve Coonan. HRN went to San Francisco to cover their big day. Click onto the photo or headline for Dave Wallace's report and photos (including a star-studded group shot of present and past inductees).

February 5, 200960th Grand Nat'l Show
We end a boycott that began when our beloved "Oakland Roadster Show" was stolen by Los Angeles after 54 years.grand_3309We're glad we went back, because the 60th-annual Grand National just might've been the biggest, best indoor car show ever staged. Join Dave Wallace inside the L.A. Fairplex by clicking onto the photo.


December 6, 2008SEMA Weirdness
What started out in the '60s as a small, off-season get-together for SoCalsema08_2418 drag racers and their equipment suppliers has exploded — for better or worse — into one of the world's biggest, most-important automotive events; also, one of the weirdest! Dave Wallace hasn't missed one since 1972. Click onto the silver lady for some SEMA Show history and fresh photos from the weirdest one yet.

October 29, 2007RIP, Mammoth Orange
Here's how the Central Valley's last "big orange" looked the last time we grabbed lunch betweenorange_busy Fairmead and Chowchilla, Calif. Alas, after 53 years of feeding motorists, the Mammoth Orange got squished by Highway 99 "improvements" that forced a three-mile detour. Dave Wallace tells the sad story in words and pictures.


June 2, 2007The Back Roads Are Better!
California's freeways are no place for a Slant Six-powered 1961 Plymouth like this rolling family heirloom, so Dave Wallace seeks out alternate backroads teaser rural roads for his frequent north-south treks. Accompanied only by folk music and a digital camera, this baby boomer's slow going is ideal for reliving
old memories and capturing new roadside attractions.


April 12, 2007
Cacklin' With Wayne King
Yes, that blower pulley is spinning, and Wayne King's iron 354 is cackling. At the March Meet, Chuck Doss made his first visit to a drag strip in the 42 years (!) since selling this A/Fueler.6669 ("My wife told me to start sleeping with the race car," he explained.) Former-driver Wayne King tracked down his old ride, restored it to 1964 spec's, and lured Doss back to the track with an offer to let him go for a "cackle." Dave Wallace interviewed both men, shot some photos, and thoroughly enjoyed inhaling the nitro.

Editorial Archives
March 13, 2007Bakersfield Was Bitchin'

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